Management and countries involved

19 Aug 2014 00:00

National Erasmus+ Offices

The Erasmus+ Offices (NEOs) , former NTOs (National Tempus Offices), are responsible for the local management of the international dimension of the higher education aspects of the Erasmus+ Programme (including the Capacity-building in Higher Education strand, Joint Master Degrees and Jean Monet) and monitoring of the projects in each Partner Country.

The National Erasmus+ Offices act as contact point in each Partner Country and are funded by the Erasmus+ Programme. They have been established in Partner Countries in the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia and the Southern Mediterranean.

National Agencies 

The Erasmus+ National Agencies  are appointed by the national authorities of each programme country. They manage the decentralised actions of the Erasmus+ programme through their International Contact  Points (ICPs).

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