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03 Nov 2017 00:00

Information Day 2017 presentations


1-Mr. Mohamed Salah Harzallah, National Erasmus+ Office of Tunisia

2-Mr. Youssef Ben Othman, University of Tunis El Manar

3-Mrs. Carla Giulietti part1, EACEA

4-Mrs. Carla Giulietti part 2, EACEA

5-Mr. Mohamed Makni, University of Sfax

6-Mr. Mehdi Khouja, University of Gabes

7-Mr. Mohmoud Gargouri, Marie Sklodowska Curie

8-Mr. Pablo Martín González, Spanish Erasmus+ National Agency 

9-Mrs. Joana Mira Godinho, Portuguese Erasmus+ National Agency


Erasmus+ programme documents:


1- Erasmus+ programe Guide 2017 pdf (ENG)

2- Guide du programme Erasmus+ 2017 pdf (FR)

3- Guide du programme Erasmus+ (FR) version en ligne

4- Erasmus+ Guide du programme (ANG) online

5- Erasmus+ en Chiffres: What’s in it for education, training, youth and sport?

6- Erasmus+ en détail: The EU programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport 2014-2020

7- Changing Lives Opening Minds


9- Erasmus+ international actions: What is new in the 2018 Call?

10- An overview for the organisations interested in applying for the Erasmus+ programme


Key Action 1: Useful documentation:

  • International Credit Mobility projects

All guidelines & supporting documents

International Credit Mobility Handbook for HEIs

FAQ for Higher Education Students and Staff

FAQs on the Inter-institutional Agreement

  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree (EMJMD)

Application Package




Key Action 1- Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degrees 2017

Electronic Form(eForm) 


Templates of annexes to be completed and uploaded with the eForm.

           - Proof of valid accreditations (Uploaded 09/01/2017)

           - Description of the project: Award criteria 1-2-3-4  

English version

Version française

           - (if applicable) Award criterion for additional scholarships for targeted regions of the world

English version 

Version française

           - Declaration & Mandates (EN version uploaded 20/12/2016, other languages will be provided soon)

           - EMJMD grant request (Uploaded 05/12/2016)



Organisations wishing to apply for an Erasmus+ Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree grant should consult the following guidelines:


Guidelines for consortium agreement

Guidelines for student agreement

Student health and accident insurance coverage requirements

Student selection and scholarship management requirements


Further reference material:

   EMJMD model template Grant Agreement

  • EMJMD – Guide for experts (disponible prochainement)
  • EMJMD – Project Handbook 

Mobility documentation

Inter-institutional Agreement (PDF)

Inter-institutional Agreement (WORD)

Inter-institutional Agreemnet, (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ for Students and Staff

FAQ for Higher Education Institutions 

Mobiliy Agreement/Teaching  

Mobiliy Agreement/Training

International Mobility: EU Priorities

Quick Reference Guide for Higher Education Institutions in Partner Countries

Do's and Don'ts for Applicant Higher Education Institution


Key Action 2: Capacity Building

1-Code PIC


2-Priorities: Call for proposals 2018 

3- Useful documentation for the application

·         Application and Selection Procedure - Instructions for completing the Application Package are intended to help applicants for Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education to find information they need to complete and submit their applications  (Available soon)

·         Tips and checks on eligibility  

·         List of validated PICs from the organisations participating in the selected CBHE projects.

·         Erasmus charter holder's list with corresponding PICs (mandatory for HEIs from Programme countries participating in CBHE action).

.         Information on selected CBHE projects

·         FAQ 


4-Application package:

A-Electronic Form (E-Form)


The KA2 - Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education 2017 eForm is available under two different types of eForms, one for Joint Projects and one for Structural Projects.  

a- Joint Projects:


JP: Curriculum  Development

JP: Modernisation of governance, management and functioning of HEIs

JP: Strengthening of relations between HEIs and the wider economic and social environment 


b- Structural projects:


SP: Modernisation of policies, governance and management of higher education systems

SP: Strengthening of relations between higher education systems and the wider economic and social environment



Templates of annexes to be completed and uploaded with the e-Form

  • Detailed description of the project

English version

Version française

  • Budget tables

English version

Version française  

  • Declaration of Honours

English version (IMPORTANT - This new template form replaces the template available from 28/10 to 5/12 2016. Only this new version will be accepted with the application.)

  • Mandates

English version

Version française

C-Grant Agreement Templates (drafts)

1. Model Grant Agreement

2. Model Grant Agreement including Special mobility strand

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