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The National Erasmus+ Office of Tunisia

NEOs’ Overall scope of the work


General The National Erasmus+ Office (NEO) assists the Commission, the EACEA and the Partner Country authorities concerned in the implementation of the Erasmus+ Programme. The National Eeasmus+ Office follows closely the policy developments in the Partner Country, particularly in the field of ...

NEOs’ Objectives and mandate


Overall objectives The National Erasmus+ Office contributes to the following overall objectives: to improve the awareness, visibility, relevance, effectiveness and impact of the international components of the Erasmus+ programme and contribute to its promotion and dissemination in the country ...

NEOs’ Specific activities


1. Information and promotion activities Promote and disseminate all information regarding those actions and activities opened to the participation of the NEO's country within the Erasmus+ programme: background, objectives, application procedures and calendars, eligibility rules, ...

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